March 2020

Hedgehog art with purple, pink and yellow flowers 27/03/2020

New Online Gallery with Stunning Artwork

Our galleries are closed, so we’re bringing them to you… To help you brighten up your home, we’ve created an online gallery, filled with Lucy’s bright and cheerful artwork, framed and ready to ship. Our website is still running, and our courier is doing daily pickups, so you can order online and have artwork delivered to your door in just a few days. There is one of each print available in the frame displayed, and available on a first come, first serve basis. Don’t’ forget you can save 25% on... Read More

Notebook with sheep, butterflies and pink and yellow flowers 24/03/2020

Working From Home? Top Tips and Stationery Solutions

While some people love working from home, others find it challenging adapting to working productively in a non-office environment. If you’re still figuring out how to make the space work for you, take a look at our previous blog post for tips on organising and styling your home office. And if you’re still figuring out how to actually work at home, here are some tips… Stick to a Schedule Create a schedule and be strict about sticking to it – a similar routine to when you are in the office... Read More

Art with Highland cow, house, forest and purple flowers 20/03/2020

8 Tips for Organising and Styling a Home Office

This last couple of weeks have felt a bit strange to say the least. Have you suddenly been plunged into the unfamiliar realms of working from home? While the are plenty of benefits – no commuting, avoiding crowds and traffic and less office distractions, it does require a certain amount of self-discipline and organisation to transform your space into a productive environment. Given how quickly the current situation has accelerated, you probably haven’t had much notice about your change in location and may not have a dedicated working space already... Read More


How to Really Make her Smile this Mother’s Day

Whether you are searching for something special for your mum, nan, aunt or sibling, if you really want to make her smile this Mother’s Day, treat her to a beautiful piece of art. Whether you choose a Little Print or go all out with a 26” framed print, there’s so much thought that goes into gifting a piece of fine art. Art is a gift that loved ones can treasure forever, and limited editions even more so because of their scarcity. Most of Lucy’s limited-edition pieces are printed in short... Read More


Marvellous Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day – the perfect time to treat the lady that’s given you years of invaluable wisdom, pep talks, fashion tips, laughs and love. But it also seems to creep up on us really quickly! Doesn’t it just get harder and harder to find a gift that is special, thoughtful and that you haven’t gifted before? While it can be tricky to find a gift that signifies a lifetime of gratitude to the wonderful woman that raised you, we do have some lovely gifts to thank mum for everything she... Read More