How to Refresh Your Home With Our Spring Sale

With lighter nights coming, spring flowers popping up and summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to refresh your home décor. So switch the chunky winter knits, faux fur throws and moody wall art, for fresher cottons, lighter linens and brighter, more cheerful pieces of artwork. All while enjoying 25% off art, homeware and stationery in our spectacular spring sale. (Sale excludes originals. Begins 13th March and ends midnight March 31st 2020. Valid online and in our galleries Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Terms apply.)

Replace dark, moody winter colours with light spring-ready pastels such as duck egg, lemon and blush pink. Pastels instill a sense of calm in a room and can create a soft, fresh feel. If you are worried about pastels looking too girly, avoid fussy, ornate pieces and go for decorative items with simple shapes and clean lines. If you want to add just a hint of pastel prettiness, go for smaller accessories such as cushions, lamps and little prints for a quick, affordable transformation in your home. If your home features a lot of white and grey, soft pastels can also give it a little lift, injecting a touch of personality without being too brash.

We also have lots of homeware and stationery in pretty pink and purple hues including Lucy’s popular Butterflies and Babies collection and her adorable Strolling Home items. With themes of love and togetherness coupled with colourful flowers and sweet butterflies, these pieces make fabulous gifts for Mother’s Day!

Nothing is as uplifting and energising as a pop of colour. Outdoors, spring is a time for new growth and renewal with daffodils and tulips popping up, so why not bring a splash of this into the home by carefully scattering a few bright shades. You’ve probably noticed that yellow is very ‘in’ at the moment. It’s associated with warm, happy, joyful feelings, although it should be used in moderation in interiors as too much in one room can create feelings of unease and irritability. Yellow throws, armchairs or wall art are the perfect solution.

A room rarely looks finished without a bit foliage. If you’re looking for easy care plants try aloe, snake plants, spider plants, peace lilies or succulents. Or, if you’re not green-fingered at all, have a habit of bumping off plants or just don’t have time to water them, then faux is your friend. When choosing artificial plants, it’s sometimes better to go for species that naturally have a rubbery texture to begin with such as cheese plants and fig plants. Artificial paradise palm trees, bamboo trees and spider plants also work well.

Lucy’s cycling art is perfect for rooms where you want to create an energetic atmosphere such as kitchens, dining rooms, home offices and living rooms.

Find it tricky to wind down at night and switch off? In a world that ‘always on’, taking time to relax and de-stress at the end of the day can be difficult, so why not create a cosy, dedicated space that’s free of mobile devices, laptops and televisions to help you unwind. Good sleep hygiene involves turning all gadgets off at least an hour before bedtime. A gadget-free reading corner can easily be created from an armchair, side table and lamp and can help create a better bedtime routine. Or, reading nooks can be created in awkward otherwise unused spaces such as bay windows, alcoves and hallways.

Add the finishing touches with some beautiful wall art. Artwork containing flowers, butterflies and elements of nature helps to create a lovely tranquil space. In interiors, green and blue are often chosen for their calming properties. With quirky animals set amidst lush meadows, rolling hills and countryside, many of Lucy’s pieces contain green and blue colour schemes.

There’s an abundance of ways to decorate your home with fresh flowers – from simple vases with a single stem to show stopping centre piece for your dinner table. Daffodils, tulips, roses and lilies look great in ceramic jugs and teapots or you could use a hurricane vase to create an exposed bulb arrangement, using flowers that have naturally windy roots. Household objects such as wooden crates, mugs and mason jars can also be upcycled into vases.

One of the most used rooms in the house, but tricky to style as a kitchen always needs to be practical. If you’re giving your kitchen a spring face lift, try these tips…

Adding a pop of colour to cupboards or kitchen islands. If you don’t want to paint them all, you could paint the bottom cupboards a stronger colour and leave the top cupboards neutral or paint the kitchen island a bold colour and leave the rest. Using utensils as decorations. You can install hooks or peg boards to make a feature out of cooking utensils and rustic chopping boards, or make a functional centre piece by placing everyday kitchen essentials in quirky pots, bowls and jars in the middle of an island. Bring your kitchen to life with fresh potted herbs or small plants, and add the finishing touches with quirky kitchen textiles and cheerful wall art.

Dust off winter by de-cluttering. Less clutter in the bedroom is also proven to improve sleep quality. It’s nice to go for moody colours, checks and knits in the winter, but choosing white and neutrals in the summer can make the bedroom seem brighter and sunnier. Don’t be afraid to get creative with textures and patterns, update your bedding, change the textiles by adding new cushions throws and rugs, and switch your wall art for a nice summery, uplifting piece.


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