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A Pecorino Label for Tesco’s Finest!

A Pecorino Label for Tesco’s Finest!

Picture this: you're strolling down the wine aisle at Tesco, scanning the shelves for that perfect bottle to accompany your evening. And then, amidst the sea of labels, something catches your eye – a "Pittaway" Pecorino, a new addition to Tesco's Finest wine range.

Lucy Pittaway's Art on Tesco Wine Label

It all began with a call from Barlow & Co, a marketing agency based in London. They had a vision – to elevate Tesco's wine range with the charm of Lucy Pittaway's artwork. Lucy, known for her sheep designs, was seen as the perfect match for a label on a bottle of White wine.

With enthusiasm in abundance, Lucy embarked on the task of bringing the wine label to life. Inspired by the grace of the Pecorino sheep, she crafted a design that was elegant yet approachable, sophisticated yet inviting.

Pittaway Pecorino on Tesco Shelves

When Tesco got wind of Lucy's creation, they were hooked. The design struck a chord with their team, and it was soon destined for their wine shelves, ready to charm wine enthusiasts far and wide.

With a licensing agreement in place, Tesco has the privilege of featuring the Pittaway design on their wine labels for the next five years. It's a testament to the value of Lucy's artistry and the power of collaboration between creatives and corporations.

So, the next time you find yourself perusing the wine selection at Tesco, keep an eye out for the "Pittaway" Pecorino. It's more than just a label – it's a testament to the magic that happens when art and wine come together.

Cheers to creativity, collaboration, and of course, a good glass of wine!