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Sheep Collection | Valentine's Day | York Collection | Sycamore Gap | Art with Heart
Art With Heart

Art With Heart

Love Surrounds Us

Lucy’s art could be the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day.

Feeling the love? You might want to seek out a special gift for your Valentine. And a thoughtful piece of art is the perfect gift to do just that.

Lucy Pittaway’s captivating prints and originals would bring joy into any home. With real-life inspiration for every collection and a personal story behind each piece, she often takes inspiration from the sights and sounds of her life in the Yorkshire Dales and those closest to her. The award-winning artist’s pieces featuring the landscape and the people and animals that inhabit it evoke love, tenderness, nostalgia, and delight. Many include hearts, perfect for a Valentine’s gift, or cute animals cuddling up. The titles tell the story: "Our Happy Place," "Light Up Your Life," "Treasured Times," "Happy Hiking," "Love and Light." These are artworks that instantly make you feel happier.

Buying art to celebrate an occasion – whether that’s Valentine’s Day, Easter, a key birthday, christening, or simply to herald the start of Spring – can give it more meaning. Seeing it every day will remind you of the occasion and make you smile. And it can be passed down from generation to generation. A lovely work of art can speak to you, move you, make you dream, and inspire you every day.

Lucy is a master when it comes to creating artwork that makes people happy. Her unique talent is brought to life using highly pigmented Unison Colour soft pastels, as she uses her fingers and knuckles to create depth and texture within her landscapes and give life to her subjects.

Owning a Lucy Pittaway original is something special. Lucy’s originals hold a strong value in the commercial art market and remain highly sought-after. Lucy Pittaway's artwork is available as framed prints and canvases. She also sells ceramics, stationery, homeware, and greeting cards. See the website or pop into one of the Lucy Pittaway galleries in Richmond, Yarm, Brompton-on-Swale, York, Harrogate, or Keswick.