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Keswick Gallery launch in time for Christmas!

Keswick Gallery launch in time for Christmas!

Keswick Opening Weekend
First Customers at the Keswick Gallery meet Lucy

Lucy's Visit to Keswick Ushers in the Gallery's First Christmas

With autumn leaves adorning the trees, the palpable excitement for the inaugural Christmas at the Keswick Gallery fills the air.

The grand launch weekend for the new gallery is slated for Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 November - and EVERYONE'S INVITED! Lucy will grace the occasion, adding a personal touch by signing artworks. Guests can also look forward to festive treats, encompassing mince pies and prosecco. In addition to the splendid artworks and prints, the gallery showcases a vibrant collection of ceramics, homewares, and gifts – just in time for the Christmas festivities.

Lucy's Deep Connection with the Lake District

The picturesque Lake District holds a special place in both Lucy’s heart and her artwork. This remarkable landscape, with its majestic mountains, serene lakes, and captivating vistas, has now been enriched with Lucy Pittaway's newest gallery, situated right in the heart of the beautiful Keswick.

Lucy's artistic renditions, such as ‘Wrapped in Love’, draw heavily from this landscape, as do creations like ‘Lakeside Outing’ and ‘The Best Things in Life are Free’. Both works encapsulate the essence of the Lake District, emphasizing familial bonds and nature's allure.

Moreover, the 2021 launch of Lucy's Staycation collection stands as a testament to her affinity for local landscapes, mirroring the year's trend of seeking solace closer to home.

Reflecting on the impending first Christmas at this novel location, Lucy expresses her profound connection with the Lake District, “This place holds unparalleled excitement for me as an artist. The constantly evolving landscapes and weather patterns present an unending wellspring of inspiration. On a more personal note, I've crafted countless memories here with my children. Opening a gallery in this location aligns perfectly with the essence of my work."

She continues, “We often have customers pointing at specific landscapes within the artwork, reminiscing about their personal memories and the familiar places they recognise. We cherish these stories and invite everyone to share more with us on social media using the hashtag #LucyPittaway.”