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Lucy’s Christmas commission with Yorkshire Life magazine

Lucy’s Christmas commission with Yorkshire Life magazine

Yorkshire Life Magazine's Festive Front Cover Featuring Lucy's Art

This December, Yorkshire Life magazine, known for its vibrant lifestyle content, unveils a festive front cover graced by Lucy’s signature artwork. Lucy, having found inspiration in the season, brings to life an evocative scene adorned with her iconic round sheep.

Lucy's distinctive use of bold strokes and poignant pastel shades has made her a cherished artist in Yorkshire. Furthermore, the round sheep, a recurrent motif in her landscapes, has become emblematic of her artistic identity in the region.

'Silent Night' - A Glimpse of a Yorkshire Winter

In an exclusive commission for Yorkshire Life, Lucy has crafted ‘Silent Night’, a portrayal capturing the essence of a Yorkshire winter's evening. The piece vividly depicts the things close to Lucy’s heart: family, the warmth of a cosy home, and the breathtaking natural scenery of Yorkshire. As daylight ebbs and the last rays of the sun disappear behind distant hills, a family of sheep gather, nestling against a drystone wall. With the vast sky overhead glittering with stars, they gaze out over a serene Yorkshire landscape blanketed in snow.

From Cover Art to Exclusive Interview

Apart from adorning the front cover, the December edition of the magazine features an in-depth Q&A with Lucy. Readers can gain insights into Lucy's festive preparations and how she spends her days leading up to Christmas. Moreover, for those enchanted by 'Silent Night', the artwork is available for purchase as a limited edition print, allowing customers to own a slice of this publishing masterpiece.