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Sycamore Gap

Sycamore Gap

Description of Image

Unveiling "Sycamore Gap": An Ode to a Timeless Beauty

Renowned artist Lucy Pittaway is thrilled to introduce her latest masterpiece, "Sycamore Gap", a tribute to the enduring appeal of the Sycamore Gap tree. This majestic tree, which sadly met its demise in September, once stood as a symbol of natural grandeur in Northumberland.

"Sycamore Gap" is a stunning, colourful depiction that immortalises this iconic tree set against a backdrop of starry skies and the captivating Northern Lights, capturing the very essence of this legendary location.

The artwork's distinctive charm is further accentuated by the presence of two woolly onlookers - sheep - who seem to be in awe of the striking scene before them. This touch of countryside whimsy adds an element of relatability to the grandeur of the Tree.

This exquisite artwork was born from the heartfelt requests from Lucy’s customers who were deeply moved by the loss of the Sycamore Tree. More than just a painting, "Sycamore Gap" serves as a touching homage to the natural wonders of Northumberland’s natural beauty and Hadrian’s Wall.

Lucy Pittaway's "Sycamore Gap" stands as a testament to her unwavering passion for art and her profound love of landscapes in Northern England. It reflects her commitment to preserving the soul of the region through her artistry.

Sycamore Gap is an Open Edition and is available as an original, print-only, mounted print, framed print, canvas and framed canvas.

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