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Little Lucy Collection | Sycamore Gap
New Little Lucy Stationery

New Little Lucy Stationery

Six colourful notebooks and six purpose-driven to-do lists that blend creativity with practicality have just been launched.

Notebooks: Wrap your thoughts in luxury with our soft touch covers and indulge in the smooth touch of high-quality Fedrigoni Arena paper. With an elastic closure and perfect binding, these notebooks are designed for convenience and durability. Presented with a stylish bellyband, each notebook measures 148mm x 210mm, making it the perfect canvas for your ideas.

To-Do Lists: Stay organised with our new range of to-do lists. Featuring handy perforated sheets that allow easy tearing as you conquer tasks, these lists are your perfect companion for productivity. Attached with a magnet for added convenience, the to-do lists measure 99mm x 225mm, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Both the notebooks and to-do lists come packaged in eco-friendly cello bags made from 80% recycled plastic and are completely compostable, aligning with our commitment to a greener tomorrow.

Experience the elegance of Lucy Pittaway's Little Lucy Collection, where functionality meets artistry in every stroke and list.