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About Us


Graduating from Northumbria University with a degree in Graphic Design, Lucy forged a career as a designer before moving into lecturing at the former Darlington Technical College of Art and Design. Intrigued by the world outside the North East, Lucy quit her job at the age of 30 and travelled the world and settled in South America where she began teaching in Peru.

They old adage says that 'the greatest things happen when we are not expecting them'… and on a fleeting visit back to the UK, Lucy was reunited with her childhood sweetheart Neil. It was this chance meeting that persuaded Lucy not to return to Peru, and instead stay in Yorkshire. Lucy and Neil got married and started a family, it's been this journey that remains the subject of many of Lucy's pieces.

Once their twins started school, she felt it was the perfect time to pursue her lifelong dream and give life as a professional artist a try. She began working from her small home studio, creating one off commissions and prints for exhibitions. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Lucy’s work in homes and galleries across the UK.


Lucy has forged herself an outstanding career as an artist and as a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, she has been awarded many of their prestigious titles including 'Up & Coming Artist of the Year 2016', 'Best Art Website of the Year 2017' and is the current holder of the coveted title of 'UK's Most Popular Published Artist' since 2018.

Lucy was honoured to be named the official artist for the Tour de Yorkshire for three consecutive years in 2016, 2017 and 2018. She was commissioned to release commemorative pieces in partnership with Welcome to Yorkshire to mark the race and also released a series of open and limited edition prints, including a picture for each day of the 2018 race featuring iconic landmarks along the routes of the race.

Lucy also released a cycling collection to celebrate the 2019 UCI Road World Championships which passed through Harrogate, with 5 pieces perfectly capturing the grit, determination and stamina of the competing riders.

An Artists Inspiration

Inspiration often stems from specific moments in my life and focuses on the themes of family, life events and my love of the outdoors. Collections are built around a theme and often tell a story about a specific period in my life.

The Houses Collection 2000 - 2006
The earlier pieces in this collection have night-time vistas that can be interpreted as a young and wide-eyed artist looking ahead to a future full of possibilities. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that they display a sense of longing, loneliness and dreaming of something that is just out of reach, something just on the other side of that big round hill. 

2006 - 2008
This period shows a marked change from the dark blue tones that we saw previously, to deep tones of red and orange. Feelings of love and passion are clear in these pieces and show a stark change to the feelings of longing and loneliness that we saw before. During this time, Lucy re-connected with her childhood sweetheart with them marrying in 2008. 

2009 - Present
Having twins in 2009 marked a significant shift in Lucy’s life as she now navigated the challenges that came with parenthood. Lucy’s art now starts to include two standalone flowers as symbols of her children. The colours in this period also changed from the deep passion tones to colours with a hopeful, rejuvenated and spring feel with pinks and light pastel shades; symbolising the new journeys that lay ahead. 


Dive in to the world of Lucy Pittaway and you’ll find magnificent galleries brimming with art and gifts. Opening her first gallery in Brompton-on-Swale in 2015 with the aim of having a dedicated space to meet with clients; the gallery quickly became a roaring success and was soon filled with original artwork, prints, canvases and homeware. Galleries soon opened in Richmond and Yarm in 2017 and 2019 with flagship galleries opening in Keswick and Harrogate in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Our galleries offer a welcoming space for visitors to view original works of art, seek advice on sizing and framing options and find beautiful homeware and gifts.

Visiting a Lucy Pittaway gallery is a visual experience with captivating art and homeware to suit all tastes with friendly and knowledgeable staff.


In 2019, Lucy was commissioned to create an original piece as a gift for HRH Princess Anne. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ represents the true beauty of the Yorkshire Dales. A family of four sheep sit nestled amongst the bluebells and buttercups by the River Ure in the heart of Wensleydale. 

Admiring the stunning scenery and Penhill in the background the sheep are graced with the presence of blue and white butterflies, typical inhabitants of the Dales area! Now a sold out limited edition, you can read the full story behind the piece here


As an artist, Lucy often uses her creative practice to raise awareness or tell meaningful stories of things are are important to her. 

She has released artwork to raise money for a variety of charities including the Motor Neurone Disease Association, Starlight, Scope and most recently NHS Charities Together.

BBC Children in Need
Motor Neurone Disease Association
Starlight Children's Foundation
NHS Charities Together
Macmillan Cancer Support

A Bespoke Service

Lucy Pittaway has a dedicated team of professionals focused on bringing art to centre of your life. Whether that's a statement canvas for the home, or ceramics to add the finishing touches to a kitchen; our team work with you to make the most of your space and bring a splash of colour and a smile to your home.

You may already be familiar with the team in your local gallery however there are also those working behind the scenes both in-house and externally to bring you the products you love.

From the print team who capture new artwork and get it ready for printing, to the product design team who create new products featuring Lucy's artwork; each part of the process is managed by specialists. This also includes the marketing team and other core business services as well as the fulfilment and customer service team who manage customer orders. 

Investment in skilled staff is a top priority and our framing centre are experts in their field and masters of their craft with decades of experience offering premium framing services. A bespoke service for bespoke art, every step of the way.

"Without teamwork, many of Lucy’s goals wouldn't have been achieved, we have a fantastic team that has worked hard to ensure success. It takes all kinds of people to make a business successful and with the right mix of skills, positive attitudes and a hunger for growth, the world is our oyster!" - Neil Pittaway