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Lucy Pittaway l Product Care

We hope you enjoy your new Lucy Pittaway purchase. Whether you've purchased artwork or a mug, we want you to enjoy it for as long as possible and are committed to helping you look after your products. 

Prints & Canvass 

Print Only Artwork

We ship print only artwork in cardboard packaging to protect them during transit. When unpacking your artwork, care should be taken to avoid touching the print area. Handle your artwork with care and only touch the edges of the unprinted boarder to avoid damage and finger prints on the porous paper. We do not recommend using any form of cleaning products on print only products due to the porous nature of the materials.

Mounted Prints

Mounted prints can be displayed as they are, or placed in a frame of your choice. As with print only products, mounted prints should be handled carefully. Avoid touching the print area and handle the artwork by the edges only. We do not recommend using any form of cleaning products on mounted prints due to the porous nature of the materials.

Framed Prints

Framed prints need to be handled with extra care due them being framed with glass. Both the glass and frames can be cleaned with a clean cloth and glass cleaner, or with a soft polishing cloth.


Canvass products are finished with a varnish to protect the fabric underneath however we do not recommend using any form of cleaning products on them due to the porous nature of the materials. A soft dry cloth can be used to carefully wipe away any dust that has settled on the canvas. Do not apply pressure to the canvas as this may cause the canvas to stretch or rip.

Caring for Perspex

For safety purposes, prints that are 26 inches or larger will be installed with museum grade Perspex acrylic instead of glass. In most instances water will be sufficient to clean general dust and dirt. It is important to use a soft clean cloth such as an old t-shirt or a microfiber cloth. Turn the cloth often to keep the clean side on the glass. 

Avoid rubbing the dirt on the surface of the Perspex as this can cause scratching to the surface of the acrylic.

Once the dirt has been removed with the cloth and water, use a second dry cloth to dry the acrylic using the same technique as above.


Keeping your new fabric products looking nice is important. All of our kitchen linen and home furnishing products including tea towels, oven gloves, aprons, tote bags and cushions can be hand or machine washed up to 30°C. 


All of our ceramic products are dishwasher safe however we recommend handwashing them with warm soapy water to preserve the artwork and prevent it from fading. 


The purpose of our stationery range is for it to be used and to bring a little bit of happiness to your everyday routine. A damp cloth will help with any marks on the outer covers of hard cover products such as planners and address books. For notebooks and to do lists, use a dry cloth only.