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Art with Heart | The Look Of Love
New Release - The Look Of Love!

New Release - The Look Of Love!

Lucy Pittaway, the most popular published artist, and known for her bold and colourful creations, is set to please her audiences once again with her latest artwork, "The Look Of Love." Timed perfectly for Mother's Day, this new art piece reaches into the bond between a mother and her offspring, set against the backdrop of a vibrant meadow teeming with flowers.

"The Look Of Love" is an intuitive look at maternal love. Lucy has managed to capture the tender moments shared between a mother and her young, as evidenced by the gaze of a young lamb toward its guardian. This imagery resonates with viewers on an emotional level, invoking memories of warmth, and familial connection.

Drawing on her signature style, Lucy Pittaway infuses "The Look Of Love" is an explosion of colour and texture where each detail comes alive. From the delicate petals of poppies and daisies to the gentle sway of grass, each element of this artwork is crafted to evoke a sense of happiness with a broad smile.

As Mother's Day approaches, "The Look Of Love" stands as a tribute to the bond between a mother and her offspring. This piece is available as a print, mounted print and canvas.   Also, to compliment the artwork, this piece is complimented by a greetings card and cushion. 

Whether displayed in a living room, office, or anywhere in the home, "The Look Of Love" serves as a reminder of the affection and sacrifice usually built into motherhood. "I am delighted to introduce 'The Look Of Love' says Lucy Pittaway. "This artwork is a tribute to the unsung heroes of our lives, whose love and devotion know no bounds."

"The Look Of Love" is available for purchase exclusively through this website and through the galleries.