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Latest Artwork | Original Available | Lakes Collection
Our Favourite Place

Our Favourite Place

Award-winning artist Lucy Pittaway has unveiled her latest masterpiece "Our Favourite Place" as part of her popular Lakes collection. This wonderful piece celebrates everything she loves about the Lake District, and it’s set to make art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike smile.

Lucy has chosen the picturesque Stone Circle at Keswick as the inspiration for her latest creation. She appreciates how peaceful and tranquil her ‘favourite place’ is and often visits here with her family and her dog to watch the beautiful sunsets.

The Lakes Collection now comprises 11 stunning pieces of artwork including remaining originals, limited and open-edition prints, and artist proofs, ensuring that admirers of Lucy’s art can find the perfect piece to adorn their homes. Lucy's unique style, which combines vibrant colours and joyful scenes, will undoubtedly resonate with her dedicated following. Her love for landscapes and whimsical sheep makes a prominent appearance. Additionally, Lucy has incorporated artistic license into this collection, offering fresh perspectives on the Lakes' beauty. Lucy shares, ‘The Lake District holds a special place in my heart – it's where half of my family grew up, and I've spent countless cherished moments there."

New Release - Our Favourite Place
Our Favourite Place

Lucy has forged an outstanding career as an artist and as a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, she has been awarded many of their prestigious titles including 'Up & Coming Artist of the Year 2016', 'Best Art Website of the Year 2017', and has been the holder of the coveted title of 'UK's Most Popular Published Artist' on three occasions.

Looking ahead, Lucy has just launched a new bespoke framing service at the Brompton-On-Swale Gallery, and she has more ambitious plans for her growing business, including the possibility of more galleries. She adds, "We have exciting plans for the future, but I'll keep the details a secret for now. In the meantime, I'm thrilled to share my art with the world and bring a little more sunshine into people's lives."