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The Home Collection

Welcome to the Home Collection, a bright, fun and quirky collection of artwork featuring charming cottages, colourful terraces and rural retreats set against rolling hills and woodland forests. The Home Collection represents a series of stories from everyday life, symbolised through a wonderful array of colour, texture and tone. 

Whether you live in a palace or a tin shed, home is home. It’s where we retreat to after a hard day, it’s where we grow up, grow together and grow old. It's where we plan our lives, lay our head and a place to bring family and friends together. It's where we laugh, cry and dream. Home was somewhere we became so much more familiar with since 2020 and throughout the challenges, we will never be more grateful for our homes. Lucy’s prints of houses depict contemporary landscapes through the seasons and include her best selling piece Rainbow of Hope and Love is All Around released in 2020.