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Lucy Pittaway X Jessica Redland

Lucy Pittaway X Jessica Redland

Parallel Lives and Astounding Coincidences: Lucy Pittaway & Jessica Redland

When examining the trajectories of an artist and an author, one might not immediately discern overlapping paths. Yet, when delving into the lives of Lucy Pittaway and bestselling contemporary fiction author Jessica Redland, the parallels and astonishing intersections become evident.

Life-Altering Decisions at Thirty

Both Lucy and Jessica made transformative career decisions at thirty. Lucy transitioned from teaching in the UK to an overseas adventure in the Far East, culminating in a teaching stint in Peru. Meanwhile, Jessica pivoted from HR management to open a specialist teddy bear shop, Bear’s Pad, in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Still, their creative aspirations simmered—Lucy envisioned a professional artist's life, and Jessica dreamt of crafting a novel.

Paths Shaped by Love

It was love that redirected their journeys towards their artistic aspirations. A brief UK visit saw Lucy reuniting with her childhood love, Neil. Their rekindled relationship convinced Lucy to anchor herself in Yorkshire. As they started a family, Lucy’s art underwent a metamorphosis. From photo-realistic works, she embraced soft pastels and a more illustrative style, inspired by her twins' worldview. With familial backing, she committed to a professional artist's path.

Shortly after launching Bear’s Pad, Jessica met Mark, who encouraged her to join The Writer’s Bureau to hone her writing skills. With Mark hailing from Scarborough, Jessica’s budding novel found a more defined setting in this coastal town, which eventually birthed the fictional Whitsborough Bay where her subsequent novels are set.

Emerging Dreams and Unexpected Coincidences

In 2012, as Lucy took steps towards a professional artistic career, Jessica submitted her novel to the Romantic Novelists’ Association, inching closer to her publishing dream. At this juncture, their paths hadn’t crossed, and neither was aware of their parallel journeys.

It was a serendipitous visit to Richmond that introduced Jessica and her husband to Lucy’s art. Enchanted by an artwork featuring two cows—Samson and Delilah—they became patrons. Around the same time, Lucy was laying the foundation for her inaugural art gallery.

Realising Ambitions and Charting New Courses

Fast forward to 2018, Jessica found Lucy’s gallery situated precisely where her teddy bear shop once stood. By this time, Jessica’s authorial journey had taken flight with multiple books under her belt. Drawing inspiration from Lucy's art, Jessica's book featured an artist protagonist, and she reached out to Lucy for a collaborative nod in her book's acknowledgements.

While both had realised their dreams, challenges persisted. Jessica grappled with publishing hurdles, but a pivotal moment arrived in 2019 when she partnered with Boldwood Books, securing a 9-book deal, later expanded to 12 books.

Intersecting Inspirations

Earlier this year, Jessica, armed with a paperback of her Lucy-inspired story, reconnected with the artist. Their meeting unveiled further shared experiences—birthplaces in Teesside, treks up Roseberry Topping during their youth, and a mutual love for North Yorkshire’s landscape. Hedgehogs, a recurring motif in both their works, also emerged as a shared fondness.

A Destined Connection

With Lucy opening her fourth gallery in Keswick and Jessica introducing the Lake District as a new location in her books, their synchronicities continue. It seems fate had always intended for this artist and author to converge, and they eagerly anticipate future collaborative endeavours.