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The GNAAS, Official Charity Partner for 2024

The GNAAS, Official Charity Partner for 2024

Exciting Partnership for 2024.

We're thrilled to announce the partnership between Lucy Pittaway Ltd and The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) for 2024!

GNAAS, a celebrated charity organisation providing pioneering pre-hospital care, is dedicated to rescuing hundreds of severely injured or ill patients annually across the North East, Yorkshire, and Cumbria. As a 100% publicly funded charity, GNAAS relies on the generosity and support of individuals and organisations to continue its lifesaving mission.

With a staggering annual funding goal of £8.5 million, GNAAS's critical services ensure that emergency medical care is promptly delivered to those in need, often in remote or challenging environments. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has earned them widespread recognition and trust within the communities they serve.

Lucy Pittaway and GNAAS Partnership

The partnership between Lucy Pittaway Ltd and GNAAS holds special significance as it aligns with both organisations' shared value of community support. Lucy Pittaway Ltd, known for its vibrant and colourful galleries across North Yorkshire and Cumbria, acknowledges the vital role GNAAS plays in ensuring the safety and well-being of people within these regions.

In 2023 alone, GNAAS responded to over 2,200 call outs, with a daily operational cost of £23,200. These figures underscore the immense impact of GNAAS's services and highlight the urgent need for ongoing financial support.

"We are delighted to announce our partnership with The Great North Air Ambulance Service for 2024," said Chris Bradley, Head of Marketing at Lucy Pittaway Ltd. "Their dedication to providing life-saving care aligns perfectly with our commitment to supporting the communities where our galleries are located. We hope to make a significant contribution towards the lives of those who rely on GNAAS's services."

Throughout the year, Lucy Pittaway Ltd will spearhead various fundraising initiatives and awareness campaigns to support GNAAS's fundraising efforts. These initiatives will include fundraising events in and outside of the galleries, a companywide clothes collection, raffles, runners in the GNR, and more. Look out for further details as 2024 unfolds.

For more information about The Great North Air Ambulance Service and Lucy Pittaway's partnership, please visit our landing page here. 

This collaboration will support lifesaving services across the North East, Yorkshire, and Cumbria, with a series of fundraising initiatives and events.

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