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Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day

Lucy Pittaway Ltd proudly celebrates International Women's Day by honouring its founder, Lucy Pittaway, and the talented female members of her resolute team who collectively contribute to the success of the Lucy Pittaway brand.

Lucy's remarkable journey from a graphic design graduate to a thriving entrepreneur is symbolic of her unwavering determination to succeed. Alongside Lucy, there are numerous female ambassadors integral to the business, each playing a pivotal role in various aspects, including design, fulfilment, framing, in the galleries, and beyond.

Reflecting on the collaborative spirit that drives the brand forward, Lucy remarks, "As a team, we love diversity, creativity, quirkiness, and mutual support. Every member, regardless of role or title, brings something unique to the table, contributing to our shared success and values. Together, we inspire each other to work hard, push boundaries, think differently, and create meaningful connections with our audience."

Their combined efforts have propelled Lucy Pittaway Ltd into a flourishing art and merchandising business, complemented by six galleries located in North Yorkshire and Cumbria, and a thriving online business where Lucy's bold, bright, and cheerful creations captivate audiences and make people smile.

With a steadfast presence on social media, Lucy, and her team engage and inspire audiences throughout the UK and beyond with their distinctive style and unwavering dedication to their craft.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, Lucy Pittaway Ltd extends its heartfelt gratitude to Lucy and all the women who contribute to the success and growth of the brand. Their commitment and spirit represent the essence of inspiring women everywhere to pursue their dreams.

Join Lucy Pittaway Ltd in honouring, and celebrating the countless contributions of women to the art and business worlds.