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Lucy Pittaway 'Artist's Set' with Unison Colour

Lucy Pittaway 'Artist's Set' with Unison Colour

Introducing the Exclusive Lucy Pittaway Artist Set in Collaboration with Unison Colour

Lucy Pittaway’s vibrant artwork has consistently captured the hearts of art enthusiasts, celebrated for its rich hues, intricate textures, and spirit-lifting designs.

A Passion for Pastels

Lucy's medium of choice is the versatile pastel, treasured for the dynamic and playful artistry it facilitates. By seamlessly blending and transitioning colours on her canvas, Lucy creates the eye-catching forms and atmospheric nuances that define her works.

Every artist holds their materials dear, seeing them as trusted allies in expressing their deepest thoughts and whimsies. As Lucy puts it, “Good art materials are like cherished old friends—reliable, esteemed, and deeply understood.”

Reflecting on her origins, Lucy shares, “My early career in graphic design was largely digital. While I adored the inventiveness, there’s an unparalleled joy in engaging with tangible, and often chaotic, creative materials.”

Unison Colour: A Symphony in Pigment

Peering into the history of Unison Colour pastels, with whom Lucy is proudly associated, reveals a narrative mirroring her own—a tale of artists deeply influenced by their surroundings and landscapes.

These pastels trace back to artist John Hersey in the 1980s. Displeased with available pastel quality, John initiated his bespoke pastel production in an old coach house situated within Northumberland National Park. John, along with his family, remains rooted in the National Park, cultivating a brand that originated from a personal, locally-driven venture—a story reminiscent of Lucy's own artistic evolution.

A Personal Palette

In an exhilarating collaboration, Lucy presents her Artist Set in partnership with Unison Colour. This assembly of 18 hues has been personally curated by Lucy, encapsulating her most cherished and frequently utilised colours.

Speaking about the collaboration, Lucy expresses, “Unison Colour crafts exceptional pastels that enrich my artworks. Their steadfast vibrancy and durability are qualities I deeply appreciate. The palette I've chosen is a testament to the essence of my art—lively, radiant, and imbued with genuine moments of joy.”

Lucy's aspiration is for both budding and seasoned artists to relish this distinctive colour ensemble. She eagerly anticipates the myriad of creations birthed from this hand-selected palette.

Discover the Lucy Pittaway x Unison Colour Collection

The exclusive set can be procured from the Lucy Pittaway website. Dive deeper into this partnership with Unison Colour here.

For more insights on Lucy’s affiliation with Unison Colour, visit here.